Sport and Family Photography - Project 52 - April

Week 13 of 52 - Continuing shooting Mommy And Me mini sessions and had wonderful subjects last week. Love when Mommy And Me become session of three generation session. Happy Mommy - Happy Nanny - Happy Child!!! Week 14 of 52 - Sport Photography. This is my second attempt to do the motion shots and totally, unecspectedly, loved them. It might become my new THING... Week 15 of 52 - Brothers...Happy and sad, ing and yang, lovely and grumpy... Had these two last Saturday and fell in love with them. Week 16 of 52 - This was a very exciting project: 1st birthday cake smash. Seems like average idea... But notice how this girl looks little in this large room. This was done in one of the smalles

Kids Photos - Project 52 - March

Week 9 of 52 - Last week we decided to go to pick up some strawberries, but the farm was closed on Tuesdays... Still we had fun running around with baba and deda and 2 kids... Week 10 of 52 - This adorable boy looks so good with bunny ears hat. One of my favorites from Spring mini sessions. Really don't need too much props to make a perfect picture!!! Week 11 of 52 - It's HIM again!!! This boy stole my heart <3. Second week in a row he was coming to my studio to take pictures. This time it was a family portraits. Despite his energy and crankiness we managed to have a good variety of images that we loved!!! This is one of them... Week 12 of 52 - Last Saturday, April 1, I started my Mommy

Project 52 - February

Week 5 of 52 - I know it's too much, and I went overboard with this editing... Just every ones in a wile I very much miss what I used to do and shot models before I had my baby. With this SELFPORTRAIT I had a lot of fun editing :) Week 6 of 52 - One perfect morning when it's not too hot or muggy we went for a neighbouhood walk with Katya. As a result we got a pretty good picture of a week... Week 7 of 52 - A promotional mini with baby Charlotte for Spring/Easter mini sessions. What an adorable thing in pretty custom made flower bonnet made by amazing and talented Monica Dragan. Thank you dear for your kindness!!!! Thank you Natalie Scott for letting me photograph your precious baby!!! She

Project 52 - January

Here are my week by week pictures of the months. Week 1 of 52 - Selfie ( taken with my cellphone ) Week 2 of 52 - Love of the son. This little male kitten is so laid back and so nice and kind. He is taking care of his mother while she is resting. Unfortunately, very soon he will find a new home and they will be separately for good. Enjoy this love and care Kisa while it lasts... Week 3 of 52 - Last Friday I had a Milk Bath Maternity session at my home studio, and I didn't have time to clean up complitely and trow away flowers and leaves that I used for the session. When Katherine came home from School she saw them and demanded ( NOTICE demanded!!! ) to shoot her with these flowers and do a m

Project 52 bymonthly

Every month I will be posting weekly pictures of different subjects. Should be fun.

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