First snow

This was the first snow this year in Atlanta, first snow for me for 15 years, and first snow ever for my kids!!! Very exciting... And COLD!!!

Kids Pictures - Holiday Dreams

Life is funny... The day I disassembled my Holiday Forest set up I decorated my personal Christmas tree. And when I saw it I got an idea for a new mini session theme called Holiday Dreams. I asked my daughter to model me for that ( "ask" is overrated... Do you want you child to pose for you lolly pop doesn't work anymore - PAY HER ... lol )

Family and Pet Photos - HAPPY HOLIDAYS

It's the most wonderful time of a year!!! That's how I want to start my page and send everybody a warm wishes!!! I finished my Holiday mini sessions that I did this year and want to share with you with some of the images that I took. Hope you enjoy!!! Happy Holidays!!!

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