TBT 2007

Happy Thursday!!! And here is #tbt for today!!! #tbt2007 Miami Do you recognize ME? ;) www.SKCgallery.com www.facebook.com/skcphotography www.instagram.com/svetlanaskcphotography

Atlanta nature

I am so new in Atlanta. Every day I find something that I didn't have chance to see and shoot when I was living in South Florida. Colorful tulips - one day, gorgeous blooms of cherry trees - the other day, the wall of vines - the next day. GA nature surprises me every day, and can't stop wandering what's next!!!

Princess Olivia

Adorable Princess Olivia was in my home studio the other day. We did a short Princess mini session and I fell in love with her. Although she never gave me a smile I adore her beautiful face!!! www.SKCgallery.com www.facebook.com/skcphotography www.instagram.com/svetlanaskcphotography

Acting and Modeling Portfolios

When I lived in Miami area I used to offer Modeling and acting portfolios for kids and adults. My images were approved and accepted by modeling agencies. Now I am offering Acting And Modeling Headshots For Portfolios in Atlanta and helping to build kids Modeling and acting portfolio. Please contact me: www.SKCgallery.com www.Facebook.com/SKCphotography www.Instagram.com/SvetlanaSKCphoptography


Did I tell you that tulips are my favorite flowers ever? I was looking all over Atlanta area and saw a little bunches near condo or business buildings, but the amount and colors that I saw in This Sandy Springs location made me want to take pictures of my darling daughter. Finally, I did a mini session with my favorite flowers and the pictures came out perfect!!! Ready to print on canvas and put on my wall. #tulips #tuliplove #childphotographer #atlantachildphotography #atlantachildphotographer #atlantaphotographer # skcgallery #svetlanaskcphotography

Beautiful Collaboration

Beautiful portrait of strong and gorgeous woman. Had fun collaboration with my fellow photographer. This is one of my favorites from the session. www.skcgallery.com www.facebook.com/skcphotography www.instagram.com/svetlanaskcphotography

Beauty shot

#tbt 2012 I do many different styles of photography. Besides beautiful mamas and cute babies and children I do studio on location sessions with models and actors. I help them build their portfolios and love doing that! Here is one of the examples of my work that I did for one model back in 2012 for modeling agency. Beautiful collaboration with gorgeous model and talented MUA Florencia Clement de Grandprey 2012. www.skcgallery.com www.facebook.com/skcphotography www.instagram.com/svetlanaskcphotography

Simply, bunny

Bunny www.skcgallery.com www.facebook.com/skcphotography www.instagram.com/svetlanaskcphotography

Maternity session with cherry blossom

I was always dreaming to do a maternity session with cherry blossom even since I lived in Florida. This is my first spring here in Atlanta and I was waiting impatiently to do it. Found a perfect pregnant mama for this type of session.

8 of March - International Women's day

Happy 8 of March - International women's day - Mother's day - for those who love us the most !!! Beautiful Mommy and Baby <3 www.SKCgallery.com www.facebook.com/skcphotography www.instagram.com/svetlanaskcphotography

Easter Bunny

Cutest bunny ever!!! Scheduling my Easter mini sessions in Atlanta area . Please contact me for availability and rates.

Baby Alexandra

Alexandra is 7 months old today. I loved taking milestone pictures of her in my home-studio in Peachtree Corners, GA.

Spring Cherry Bloom

Its a beautiful season here in Atlanta. The daffodils, oriental cherry and pear trees are blooming. Sun starts getting warmer and warmer every day. It's one of the most exciting photography seasons here because I love flowers. Can't wait to meet my Maternity model today and photograph her with pair trees in a beautiful location of Alpharetta. Cherry tree Beautiful tree bark

Easter Mini Session

Now booking: EASTER MINI SESSIONS Date: March 17-18 Time: 9:30 am - 2pm Location: Peachtree corners/Norcross GA www.SKCgallery.com www.facebook.com/skcphotography www.instagram.com/svetlanaskcphotography

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