Baby Ximena's first modeling gig

Baby Ximena is so adorable. She was helping us with the project and modeling for Olivia and the Bear clothing company that is lounching their first collection of girls dresses and bubbles in the next couple of days. It was a fun studio photo session that we did a couple of weeks ago. There was several kids in the studio that were changing in to cute dresses and they had a blast! Love doing these kind of photo shoots that are fun and productive at the same time. Please visit their web site and see all this beautiful clothing: Clothing: Olivia and the bear Photographer: Svetlana Chapman ( Svetlana Skcphotography)

Happy New Year

I selected top 18 images of 2019. This is my personally prioritized images based on my own taste and my photography / editing skills. These images I like the way they are or the way I shot them. I like them for their mood and lightness. In 2020 my goal is to learn more about photography, Photoshop, and Lightroom to improve my ability to transform from Raw to Art. Will continue sharing my work with my best people in the world who likes, loves, follows, comments, shares, connects, helps, trusts, and believes in me. LOVE you all, my beautiful friends. For children, family, maternity photography - For business headshots, boudoir, modeling - www.faceboo

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