Family lifestyle pictures

I took these pictures last weekend and fall in love with this family. They wanted to capture a beauty of the area and their favorite park in Atlanta where they spent so many happy months together. Good luck with your move! Wishing you all the best in new place that you will call home. Now booking family, children, maternity sessions. Please contact for availability.

Happy 2nd birthday Ayala

Sweet baby Ayala is turning 2!!! Happy birthday little girl. This sweet and happy baby girl came to my photo studio last week and surprised me with her willingness to pose and her happiness. We played ball, we sang songs, and of course took pictures. She showed her beautiful smile and her cute little dance. She is perfect! I enjoyed taking her 2nd birthday pictures of her.

Gray winter day

All this fun and happiness on a gray winter day. Photography is my passion, and I love photographing my kids and my darling clients in any weather and create a different fill and mood of images that I take.

Snow in GA

Today we all got excited for the snow. It comes here to GA very rare, but when it comes it is very beautiful. All kids ran outside to make snowmen, all the photographer grabbed their cameras to capture unforgettable moment. It is cold, wet and fun at the same time. That snow affected me as an Atlanta children's photographer so much in a way of artistic inspiration. After living in South Florida I haven't have chance to see it for 14 years. So I couldn't get enough of it. I photographed Katya and Kira separately because I just didn't want to make them freeez together. While one was posing another was warming up at home. Here are some pictures of little princesses. They were so cold, but they

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