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Sport and Family Photography - Project 52 - April

Week 13 of 52 - Continuing shooting Mommy And Me mini sessions and had wonderful subjects last week. Love when Mommy And Me become session of three generation session. Happy Mommy - Happy Nanny - Happy Child!!!

Week 14 of 52 - Sport Photography. This is my second attempt to do the motion shots and totally, unecspectedly, loved them. It might become my new THING...

Week 15 of 52 - Brothers...Happy and sad, ing and yang, lovely and grumpy... Had these two last Saturday and fell in love with them.

Week 16 of 52 - This was a very exciting project: 1st birthday cake smash. Seems like average idea... But notice how this girl looks little in this large room. This was done in one of the smallest rooms of the largest house - at the mansion on Hillsboro Mile, ( you know the one that is the most gorgeous and one of the most expensive in United States ) that is full of crystal, large windows and gilding with a beautiful view of the ocean.

Happy birthday little princess!!!!

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