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Project 52 - February

Week 5 of 52 - I know it's too much, and I went overboard with this editing... Just every ones in a wile I very much miss what I used to do and shot models before I had my baby. With this SELFPORTRAIT I had a lot of fun editing :)

Week 6 of 52 -

One perfect morning when it's not too hot or muggy we went for a neighbouhood walk with Katya. As a result we got a pretty good picture of a week...

Week 7 of 52 -

A promotional mini with baby Charlotte for Spring/Easter mini sessions. What an adorable thing in pretty custom made flower bonnet made by amazing and talented Monica Dragan. Thank you dear for your kindness!!!! Thank you Natalie Scott for letting me photograph your precious baby!!! She is super cute and wishing you and your family all the best!!!

Week 8 of 52 -

Sibling's love. Pretty Bella and her little brothe Leo. Togetherness!!!! <3 Sarah Vidican DeSanto and Nicole Martinez your kids are adorable!!!!

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