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Project 52 - January

Here are my week by week pictures of the months.

Week 1 of 52 - Selfie ( taken with my cellphone )

Week 2 of 52 - Love of the son. This little male kitten is so laid back and so nice and kind. He is taking care of his mother while she is resting. Unfortunately, very soon he will find a new home and they will be separately for good. Enjoy this love and care Kisa while it lasts...

Week 3 of 52 - Last Friday I had a Milk Bath Maternity session at my home studio, and I didn't have time to clean up complitely and trow away flowers and leaves that I used for the session. When Katherine came home from School she saw them and demanded ( NOTICE demanded!!! ) to shoot her with these flowers and do a milk bath mini session!!! Here is one of the images I took that Friday Evening.

Week 4 of 52 - Had a couple of adorable kids that came to my home studio for Picture with Barsik. Especially liked this picture of Ella. They look like good friends.

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