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1st Birthday

Had a fun cake smash photo session. We did 3 different looks, and one of them was with a cake smash ending. The baby didn't want to deal with all this sweetness at all. She even was crying and refused to touch that messy (but beautiful) cake. Still, she was one of the most adorable babies ever. I noticed that 50 percent of the babies end up crying when touching the frosting on cake during the smash cake photo sessions. We ended our baby photo session outside in my garden with a bath tub full of strawberries. The birthday girl enjoyed her warm bath. The fun fact: she was throwing her strawberries out from the tub to the ground. Happy first birthday cutie pie!!! Do you have a little one that you would like to do a cake smash session? Let’s talk! Comment below or send me a message. Send me your ideas and I promise to capture lovely memories of your little angel to last a lifetime! Love, Svetlana

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