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Sister's Love

When I shoot outside I am a natural light photographer. I do not use any flashes or strobes. I shoot with the light that our nature is giving me.

But in order to achieve a good result I need a specific time to take pictures, and not everyone understands it. I would like to explain a little bit. Often my clients think that if it's sunny outside it means the pictures will turn out bright and happy. It is true if we shoot at a special time called Golden Hour which is a short period of time after sunrise or before the sunset. We probably will have only an hour window for that perfect golden glow and soft diffused light. Otherwise, if we shoot at the time when the son is high in the sky we will get a different unwanted result: squinting eyes, strong shaddows on faces, etc. If you prefer to use your flash then the mid day will probably work ok too, but often people tend to squint their eyes because of bright son. I also like shooting at the cloudy day. That light doesn't give us much shaddows and might bring an additional softness of the images. The timing right after the rain is especially beautiful because our nature gets an additional color and juiciness from the wetsurrounding. The leaves and grass gets that special greenery, and flowers, trunks of the trees, and moss enhance their colors.

Today I am posting images of two sisters that I shot at the cloudy evening. Love their love.


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