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- A family package designed for up to 5 people. I charge $50 for every additional person.

- I do photo sessions in my home studio in Johns Creek, your home, or on location. Travel Fee applies to ALL "in your house" and "on location" sessions. 
- Pre-session consultation will be done by phone or email.
- Private online gallery will be delivered within 1 week from the session.
- You will have an opportunity to purchase top of the line prints, albums, and other amazing photo products directly from the photographer.

- A variety of girls, ladies, and maternity outfits and accessories are available in the studio.    

- Client is responsible for any permits, rental fees, travel and parking fees.

All the pictures are taken, retouched and edited by photographer in her own style and design. Any additional adjustments by client’s request in edited pictures (fixing of make-up, hair, body/clothes details, face swaps, new background) are subject of charge of $40-50 per picture, depending on the amount of work.


For Fall photo shoot:​

- I would love to see beautiful textures in clothing. You don’t want everyone in the same fabric. You can choose flannel, wool, cotton, denim, corduroy, velvet, lace, etc. Another way to add texture is with accessories. You can also bring along a blanket to sit on or wrap up in, a hat, scarf, jewelry, etc. Jackets, sweaters, and coats can also be beautiful layers to add texture and keep you warm if it’s a chilly day!

You don’t want to be too matchy-matchy when it comes to color and clothing. You also don’t want to blend in with the background. For a family  pleaase try to dress one or two people in patterns and others in solid color. Be sure to use neutral colors to balance colors out as well. Usually the outfits and colors work together without being too closely matched.

It’s hard to force a child to smile with a stranger. So there are some things you can do to set expectations and relieve anxiety before the shoot.

Parents: Talk to your child, even if they are 2 years old, about getting their photo taken. They are probably very used to you taking photos of them with your Phone but they aren’t used to a stranger taking their photo with a giant big black camera and a reflector. Tell your child what to expect, what they are going to wear, etc. I’m not a big fan of this, but conditionals work. “If you can sit still for these photos, you can get ___”

- Please be aware that we will try our best to make your child smile but, unfortunately, some kids even if they smile a lot at home they don't smile at the studio.


- It's important that you arrive on time or few minutes early. Please don't be late, I leave very little or no gaps between sessions, and I may not have enough time for you and your family at the photoshoot in case your late.​ I have specific timing available for the sessions on location: 1,5 hours before sunset or 1 hour after the sunrise.

- Please make sure to have plain tan, white, and/or black underwear with you. Please bring your clothing and accessories ( if we discussed ) or use my studio clothing. If you need help with clothing selection I can give you recommendation on a professional stylist that can do it for you. Your clothes must be clean and nicely pressed and be hung on hangers.

- Please come with well-hydrated skin and lips ( if lips are chapped, consider using a lip scrub and lip balm before the shoot ), as well as clean, trimmed nails and toenails with either no nail polish or a nude or clear polish. Please have a good casual makeup and your hair styled.  If you need help, I have makeup artist recommendations that give discounts to all my clients. 

- If you are looking for family photos, please make sure you all have matching, or color coordinated outfits. ​

- Please make sure your hair is combed ( bring your own brushes ), outfits clean and neat. Make sure to remove your items from your pockets.

- Please avoid eating/drinking colorful food and make sure your children don't have an access to their markers prior to arriving to the location.

- Recording videos and taking photos with phones/cameras is prohibited unless agreed with me upon scheduling.

- During the photoshoot our clients are responsible for their children that came with them. 


- If you come with a baby/toddler please make sure your they are happy, rested, and well hydrated.  You may feed him/her their favorite breakfast, listen to their favorite music on the way here. Sometimes ( for older kids ) it's suggested to promise them a yummy snack after the session or a cute surprise.

- Please bring kids snacks, drinks, and toys it will help to get their attention. You also may bring any extra fun props you think would be appropriate to incorporate.

-  If you have uncooperative child, I may extend our sessions if the time permits. I charge $100 for 30 min of my time.

- The full balance must be paid at the day of the session.

-  Please be careful with my props. If you or your child breaks the prop in the studio/outdoors client is responsible for the damages and must pay for the damage.

- All rates are subject to change without notice.

- LATE FEE - I charge $1/minute up to 15 minutes, and after 15 min it is $50, after 30 min - the session is cancelled and deposit is non refundable.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to working with you soon!


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