Hello friends!

I decided to treat you with a first Mini Session this year - Picture with your pet.

Bring your favorite pet to my studio and take a classic simple portrait that will capture the moment. You will have a great memory forever.

Only one weekend:

Saturday, January 11th and Sunday, January 12th.

Location: Johns Creek studio.




$150 for 5 edited pictures in JPG format via internet download.



 Will see you soon!!



A mini session is a very short photo session ( 15-20 min ). Only available on certain dates and certain times ( around holidays ) and booked back to back.

A small number of edited photos is included for the clients to choose and at lower price.  


Our seasonal mini sessions throughout a year include: Christmas, Easter, Confetti, Halloween Costume sessions, Flowers sessions, Mermaids and Unicorns, Cowboys, Valentine, and Mommy and Me, Fall sessions and etc. Mini sessions are very limited and not offered on daily basis. They are scheduled for 15-20-30 minutes and lined up with 5 min interval between clients.


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