June in South Florida

June 2018. This was our last day in South Florida, and we found this adorable park that had all kinds of tropical fruit trees including Mango, Sapodilla, Jack fruits, Lychee, Banana trees, and some sort of Cherries. There we found a beautiful Flamboyant tree and multiple types of palm trees and old Ficus with heavy roots. What an unexpected find. And, of course, Katya is my favorite model. She is perfect!!! Now I am an Atlanta photographer, but I I go very often to South Florida, and do my photo sessions there, so if you want pictures with all this greenery please contact me and we will schedule our next photo session there. www.facebook.com/svetlanaskcphotography www.instagram.com/svetl

Micro Mini Tiny Mermaid Photo Session

I did a micro mini mermaid photo session at the park yesterday. The tiny model was super cute. I used a different mermaid set up on flat beaches of Florida, so this was, definitely, out of my comfort zone. But the photo session went smooth and baby was happy to pose for me. Here she is. If you are interested in booking micro mermaid photo sessions for your baby or a mini mermaid session for your older child please contact me for my availability. I am an Atlanta session photographer who enjoys taking pictures of kids and babies and offers many different photography packages, including family and maternity. I love doing kids pictures. check me out at www.skcgallery.com. www.SKCgallery.co


I am in love with this gorgeous mama to be and her loving husband. I took these pictures in their house while I was in south Florida. This couple is so much love and passion, and we had so much fun shooting. Can't wait to meet you new baby!!! Maternity sessions are usually scheduled between week 26-36. I do lots of studio session, at clients homes, as well as sessions on location. If you would like to schedule your photo session in Atlanta area please email me.

Blueberry Farm

Sunday family fun blueberry picking adventure. We went for a car ride to find a fun activities for us and found this cute private blueberry farm in Woodstock. At the beginning Kira was eating all she could find including green blueberries, bitter blackberries that were not ripe at all, and the ones that were fallen on the ground. After all she understood that the black ones on the bushes are much yummier than the ones she tried before, so she started picking the ripe ones and even figured out that we are collecting them in our bucked. We picked 4 pounds of fresh blueberries straight from the bushes!!! Blueberry pie is coming. My husband is very good at making pies!!! It's always fun to wa

Mermaid photo session

It was a beautiful morning. We gathered all at the park near the river, and everybody was so excited to do a mermaid mini photo session. The mermaid did so well. She read all my signs and gestures from the distance, and did perfectly what I asked her to do!!! I really enjoy doing children photography, and these mermaid mini sessions are one of my favorites. Please contact me for my availability and I will be happy to do them with you. www.SKCgallery.com www.facebook.com/skcphotography www.instagram.com/svetlanaskcphotography www.twitter.com/SKCgallery

My Garden

I found that lovely set up right at the entrance of our community where I live. This is sooo gorgeous place with lots of different flowers and greenery. Scheduling family, maternity, children, graduation sessions. For more information please contact me.

Atlanta Studio Photography

Good morning and what a great way to start a week with sharing new images with you. These beautiful flowers are provided by very creative and talented friend Rufina Sky who makes them in Miami . They are available for sale and rent. If you want to have the same gorgeous pictures of your family or just children please contact me for availability. I am located in Norcross, GA, and have this beautiful set up in my home studio. www.facebook.com/skcphotography www.instagram.com/svetlanaskcphotography

Happy Independence Day!!!

What do you do on 4th of July? It is a day of gathering together, day of big celebrations, picnics or BBQ, and fire works!!! And the best ending for a picnic is a watermelon!!! I did this photo session of my darling baby girl who loves watermelons. If you would like pictures of your toddler or child eating a watermelon please contact me for availability and rates. Location: Norcross / Peachtree Corners / Atlanta.

Mommy and son

Look at this loving couple. I am so pleased to see so much affection between mommy and son in front of the camera during Mommy and me photo session in my studio. They, clearly, very happy and I am so happy that I was able to capture this moment.

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