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A little bit about me: My name is Svetlana. I am Russian. Live in America for 18 years. Now I live in Atlanta area. We moved from South Florida ( Fort Lauderdale area ) 2 years ago. At firs, it was very difficult to get adjusted, but every day I find something that I like here. For example, houses. You can't beat the sizes of the houses here in GA. They all bigger and most of them have basements. Second, nature! I has beautiful greenery and all kids of flowers, including peones, wisteria, and tulips. The winters here are very mild, and, if you like fall season come to GA!!!! But still every time I go back to Fl I want to stay there. I Love flowers! I love chocolate!!! I drink hot tea and mak

Fall Mini Sessions

Hello, friends! As we approach the fall busy season I wanted to remind you about fall and holiday season. My calendar fills up very quickly this time of year and there is a limited amount of sessions available. This is the perfect opportunity to get your Fall pics taken and all ready for the upcoming holiday season. I’ll be offering mini sessions in the last week of October - first week of November there are very limited spots! Be sure to watch my social media as I’ll be giving away a session and also a few other fun prizes!! Can’t wait to capture your gorgeous faces against the pretty colors of fall. See you soon!!


I always loved ballet and wanted to be a ballerina when I was a child. But the life happened and I took music classes instead. When I was a baby, my mom said, she could leave me in my crib in front of TV showing "Swan lake" or another beautiful ballet, and I could stand in my crib watching them dance away. I loved taking these pictures of Sophia in her tutu practicing her ballet moves. She is beautiful and gracious, and it's always nice to see kids grow and progress in their skills. If you want to have pictures of your child doing what she love to do please contact me and we will make it happened. And the end result will be amazing. Scheduling dancing, skating, gymnatsic, tennis, golf, so

Back to school

It's time to go to school. Some of the kids went last week and some go next Monday. Exciting for everyone - kids and parents. I am offering Back To School pictures in studio set up. Please let me know if you would like to schedule an appointment.

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