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Kids Photos - Project 52 - March

Week 9 of 52 - Last week we decided to go to pick up some strawberries, but the farm was closed on Tuesdays... Still we had fun running around with baba and deda and 2 kids...

Week 10 of 52 - This adorable boy looks so good with bunny ears hat. One of my favorites from Spring mini sessions. Really don't need too much props to make a perfect picture!!!

Week 11 of 52 - It's HIM again!!! This boy stole my heart <3. Second week in a row he was coming to my studio to take pictures. This time it was a family portraits. Despite his energy and crankiness we managed to have a good variety of images that we loved!!! This is one of them...

Week 12 of 52 -

Last Saturday, April 1, I started my Mommy and Me mini sessions honoring Mother's Day. One of my favorite models came to me with an idea of doing Breakfast At Tiffany's style. They came up with this beautiful set up with silver coffee pot and tray, brought lots of yummy goodies and dressed up themselves like Audrey Hepburn. Thank you Ladies for this fun session!!!

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