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Just wanted to tell you little bit about myself and my family.

I am Russian as you could understand reading my name. Sveta aka Svetlana means light in Russian. I am, actually, speak Russian language fluently. I came to America 15 years ago to study English, met my future husband and stayed here. Lived south of Atlanta, Georgia for 3 years. Moved to south Florida and loved the multicultural feel of it. Everyone speaks different languages and very tolerant to foreigners. I have a wonderful husband Steven who supports and helps me when I am "in trouble". I have a beautiful 5.5 year old daughter and 14 month old foster baby. Hoping , avantually, to adopt her. Cross my fingers and have hope for best. We have 2 kitty cats: one is 15 yo that was adopted from petsmart, and the other is a very beautiful white kitty British shorthair silver.

My parents live in Michigan and we see each other quite often. Steven's folks live in Georgia.

My kids

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