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Blueberry Farm

Sunday family fun blueberry picking adventure. We went for a car ride to find a fun activities for us and found this cute private blueberry farm in Woodstock. At the beginning Kira was eating all she could find including green blueberries, bitter blackberries that were not ripe at all, and the ones that were fallen on the ground. After all she understood that the black ones on the bushes are much yummier than the ones she tried before, so she started picking the ripe ones and even figured out that we are collecting them in our bucked. We picked 4 pounds of fresh blueberries straight from the bushes!!! Blueberry pie is coming. My husband is very good at making pies!!!

It's always fun to watch how kids figure out the life. And it's very important to take their pictures not to miss anything in their lives and so they have a great memories of their childhood. That is why I am happy to live in Georgoa now and be one of the beast children photographer.

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