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The Front Step Project

Pictures that I took last weekend of some families in my area ( Johns Creek ).

Just a reminder: It was a 5 min session, and I took these pictures from a 10 feet distance with a long lens. This was a project to boost spirits and capture families authentically during this difficult time we were asked to quarantine in our homes during this global pandemic.

In exchange for 2 fully edited digital files I asked that they purchase a gift certificate from a local restaurant, order out from a local restaurant, help a neighbor with groceries, or donate blood (if you are healthy enough to do so).

This week I want to continue giving back and will be driving around to the local neighborhoods to take pictures in people's front porch. Because of overwhelming response I am going to start charging "Gas" fee and accept donations to help me to do more and cover larger areas.

Do you want to do this? Please PM me or contact at: or go to my website at: Let's all be well! 🌈 Feel free to share this post.

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